The Idea

What we all want is a supergreen future

However everything consumes energy. Even if we breathe, walk, write on papers, or use computers. So if we want a low energy future, we must reduce the work to do. To achieve this, we have to better understand our fundamental rights and we have to do our best to master the principle of intelligibility and conciseness. Take a look at this simple obligation and you will see: if something is long, it can’t be Fair. If something is short, but relies on paragraphs, it can’t be Understandable for anybody. Can you say something in just two sentences? Then you could be fair. If you are not able to, then probably you are not Fair.

Therefore we invented the easiest way to let you know and understand the differences between the heritage of the European countries law and the common European law. This is the only way to achieve our common goal in the European Union which should rely on all of our legacies. This is why the history of the data protection is probably the easiest way to understand how we can get closer and closer to the European fundamental rights in our daily life.

That's why we have created a system, which allows all of us - from little to large entities - to acquire skills on how to protect our fundamental rights. The future of Europe relies on understanding common values and on helping bring these values to life. That's what we are working on together with professional organizations and other businesses. On this path more and more people understand the significance of Personal Data Protection.

Our system can be adapted to the context of any country. We have seen during Covid that expensive solutions can and have to be replaced by easy and efficient practices. Our Smart Online Audits system can be customized and adopted in any country of the European Union, and even outside Europe. In this way, in the digital Europe created by the GDPR, we can finally protect European citizens from those who have abused our goodwill so far. Data Protection regulation has given us freedom.

About the idea

Our next goal

Our goal is to help the SMEs live their life easier and easier. Our system is constantly upgraded, businesses have permanent access to the latest versions in their Library. Enough just going through the latest changes and then there is always enough time to comply with the new rules. Our system is a robust and constantly updated information pool, built by experts, clearly standing out versus artifical intelligence solutions.

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