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Nowadays almost everybody knows this acronym: GDPR. However only a few people know its real meaning. Most people think it is a kind of „black and white” notion, while in fact nothing can be as colourful as this abbrevation.
Check this:

Green: like nature
Dandelion: which makes you feel optimistic and cheerful.
Purple: which lets you feel Wisdom and Bravery
Red: which fills your data with energy.

So that’s what GDPR is about: really exciting feeling of understanding the colour of truth. Understanding the simpliest rules ever created about how to take care of somebody else’s fundamental rights.

„Digitalisation is not about how to replace typewriters by keyboards. It’s about how to stop typing.”

The Idea

The main idea is to be free and to enjoy our rights.

Our mission is to relieve you from administrative tasks!

Sometimes the lawmakers seem to adopt more and more policies, while the truth is quite the opposite. GDPR is not a long and complicated legal document, as it seems at first sight. Actually you can acquire all the necessary skills in just some hours without getting up from your cosy armchair.

How? Simply. You can take all the necessary steps in our Online audit system without any obligation of direct interaction with us.

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The core of our system is simplicity. Although we offer our services in Hungary for the time being, our system can be easily adapted to any European country's law system. The reason for this is simple: These rules are almost the same for about 40 years. GDPR is nothing more than a new step on a long journey of enforcing human rights, and on the way of shifting decision-making from the powerful people to the ordinary ones.

If you want to get more information on our system or you are willing to cooperate with us as a partner, please send us a letter and hopefully we will find a long term and prosperous form of working together.

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